Rental Hire Delivery Availability For Plasma LED 4K TV Screens

TV Rent ? There are two factors to availability - equipment availability and to a lesser extent, delivery technician availability.

Stock and/or Delivery is limited for the following days in the future -


Availability for the football World Cup is limited.

55 Inch, 58 Inch and 60 Inch TV's now FULLY Booked for the tournament duration.

Week commencing Monday 11 June - Delivery Collection slots for the tournament start are now LIMITED.

58 Inch TV's are FULLY Booked for the Thursday 28 June England Belgium match.


Friday 25 May to Tuesday 4 June - 50 Inch FULLY Booked and 58 Inch very limited.

Saturday 26 May - Deliveries FULLY Booked.


Thursday 7 June to Friday 19 July - 58 Inch and 60 Inch FULLY Booked.

Saturday 27th July - Bike Ride - No Deliveries Collections To Central London.

Sunday 28th July - Bike Ride - No Deliveries Collections To Central South West London and Surrey.


Thursday 9 August to Monday 13 August - Delivery Collections FULLY Booked.


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Picture of a rent TV in portrait.


Glad to help your event if we can....


For 4K Plasma LCD LED TV Rent or Hire call 020 8397 0197, 07957 972595 or E Mail

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Private Individuals, Business, Students, for Exhibitions, Parties, Art, Celebrations

London and surrounding areas.